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Nada Ayoub Releases New Single "Marra Tania"

We speak to Nada about her latest venture into music in the latest edition of #YNLCHAT

Have you heard Nada Ayoub’s new single, Marra Tania yet? After delving into being a choreographer, dance instructor, visual artist, vocalist in a cover band called Cinemania, Ayoub has ventured into making her own music.

Here’s what she had to say in the latest edition of #YNLCHAT…

YNL: Tell us how you feel about launching your music career. What went into the preparation for such a decision?

Nada: It’s been a long time coming. I think I always knew I wanted to become an artist, but never an original singer/songwriter. I’ve delved into being a choreographer, dance instructor, visual artist, vocalist in a cover band called Cinemania, and I work as an Associate Creative Director in an advertising agency. Being a multipotentialite always made me hesitate to do the thing that I loved so much because I was petrified of being a beginner again. So, I’d say it was a very grueling journey psychologically. I finally realized that I’d be shattering my soul if I didn’t give my artistry a proper shot; so now, I’m fearlessly going for it. I spent a large amount of time just observing, researching, and learning about music and the scene here which really helped me figure out how I want to do it.

YNL: Your debut track Marra Tania talks of many themes. Can you describe the writing process that went into creating the lyrics?

Nada: I’m not going to lie, the chorus was just absolutely freestyled on a mic and was inspired by a real-life phone call I had a few years ago. The parts that were heavier to get out of my system were all the Arabic parts. I wanted to capture the various thoughts that go on in a person’s mind when they go through a grey zone ‘situationship’ when they don’t know where they stand with another person. I wanted to capture turbulence, vulnerability, hesitance, realization, and the emotional rage a person goes through when they experience that toxic bond with someone. It took a while to tap into that emotion and express it in my third language in a way that isn’t too obvious but also tells the story.

YNL: As for the flow of the music, it moves from sweet melodies to fast verses. Was that challenging to juggle more than one element?

Nada: The shifts between the music were all intentional. Elian and I really wanted the song to feel grand and encapsulate the feeling of a storm and all the phases of getting out of a toxic bond that you keep giving “one more chance to,” hence the name of the song. We knew it’d be a song we’d struggle to box into one genre, as we took influences from artists like FKA Twigs, 6LACK, Evanescence, and Arca. It was also important for me to showcase my open, sultry, and raw singing side with my unapologetic rap side that says it like it is. The singing represents the emotionally weakened perspective that apologizes to the person and also herself for the situation, even when it isn’t her fault, while the rap side is narrating the truth of the situation without holding back.

YNL: What was it like working with producer Elian?

Nada: The process was incredible. I must say I was lucky because he’s a true artist with really rich taste, a beautiful obsession with music, and an overall great human being to work with, which matters once you get into the vulnerable side of music. We spent a lot of time talking about where we wanted to take the song sonically and I even went in with a PDF with all my ideas and references which he loved. What he did was pure magic, which is why I think he really stands out in the scene. I’ve always had issues with singing in a mic while a producer has their headphones on and can hear EVERYTHING. He navigated my voice perfectly and really found the right vocal delivery that suited the song. I love how he merged all our influences into a track that introduces where I’d like to go with my sound as a rapper and singer.

YNL: What do you have planned next? Can you give us any hints on your upcoming projects?

Nada: Just keeping the momentum and working with other producers. I’m in a fun, spontaneous space right now where I’m daring and exploring my sound in different genres. I have three tracks currently in the making. Another single release could be expected soon with a very different energy than “Marra Tania”.

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Nada Ayoub Releases New Single "Marra Tania"

We speak to Nada about her latest venture into music in the latest edition of #YNLCHAT

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