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Our YNL family wants you to stay safe and take good care of yourself and your loved ones. Please read well and take some precau


Sadly, it’s the first time the WHO (World Health Organization) has referred to an outbreak as a “pandemic” since the H1N1 (Swine Flu) in 2009. Yes, we’re talking about the Coronavirus also known as Covid-19. After rapidly sweeping it’s way into at least 114 countries this contagious virus has killed almost 4,000 people and infected nearly 120,000 people worldwide. Nearly 200 cases have been reported in Egypt and there are probably many more that haven’t been discovered yet. The number of cases are expected to get higher in the upcoming weeks but we are here to tell you how to stay safe and protect your loved ones from this deadly yet curable virus.


Wash Your Hands


As much as you believe you’d survive the Coronavirus, and you probably might, you also might carry it to someone who wouldn’t. Thoroughly wash your hands for at least 20 seconds as many times as you can throughout the day. Even if you’ve just washed them 5 minutes ago, wash them again and again. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Washing your hands will not only get rid of any harmful bacteria, but it will also kill any other viruses, including the coronavirus, that might’ve transferred to your hand after pressing the elevator’s button or shaking hands with a colleague. Also, keep a hand sanitizer or a 70% alcohol spray bottle with you if you’re outside and clean your hands and belongings, along with any surfaces that you might need to touch.


Avoid Close Contact and Crowded Places


Although we would like to tell you not to leave the house completely, but we all have different responsibilities that need to be taken care of. The president has just announced the postponal of schools and universities for 2 whole weeks for a reason, physical contact is in fact the main method of transfer of this virus. However, ignorant people will be going out to malls and restaurants, as they might believe they’re on “holiday” when actually this decision was taken to protect every citizen’s life. You should avoid going to crowded places such as malls, cafes, and restaurants. Also avoid any kissing, hugging, and shaking hands with anyone. In other words, put distance between you and other people for your own safety.


Avoid Touching Your Face


We know that it’s an involuntary action that literally every single person does but you should avoid touching your mouth, eyes, and nose by all means. Your hands could help transmit the Coronavirus through your nose, eyes, and mouth, which is also another reason to keep washing and cleansing your hands. We believe that washing your face a lot also would increase the chance of getting rid of all microbes. In order to break the habit of touching your face, set your mind to not touch your face and when you find yourself about to touch your face, stop, recognize that and hopefully change and redirect that behaviour.



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