On the record

Disco Misr

These two guys who made it to the electronic/dance scene in no time and the reason why they are in fact successful and special is that they always get the crowd by surprise every single time. This Egyptian DJ Duo, Amr Emad and Mostafa El Sherif aka Disco Misr who chronically impacted and added to the electronic/ dance scene with their exceptional talent and creativity. Basically, they’ve revived the Arabic pop and oriental melodies with the taste of deep house, Nu-disco and funk beats. They always strive to keep things fresh so no one would know what they have in their pockets. What Disco Misr did is not just a simple trick, instead of it takes a real talent to renovate such a thing, it takes true creativity in order to create your own style and identity in such a talented scene.

Age: 5

Music Genre: Oriental Disco, Nu Disco

Nationality: Egyptian

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