On the record


If you’ve been present in the music scene for the past few years, so you’d be familiar with this talented artist. Born in Madrid, but has been living in Cairo ever since, Moustafa Sheta best known as Misty has always been overwhelmed by his passion for dance music and Djing. Taking his passion to the next level, Misty bought his first Djing set when he was just 15 then he started presenting his own music as a universal language to reach out globally. His musical productions are focusing on his love for rhythmic bass and percussions to provide a unique taste of combining cultures. Misty’s creativity and talent has led him among the big names in no time that he was labeled as “One of the main artists to keep an eye for in 2018” by WhenWeDip Magazine. Everyone can tell Misty’s fiery passion by being active in the music scene next to big local and global names.

Age: 5

Music Genre: Tech-house Techno Deep-house & anything electronic

Nationality: Egyptian

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