On the record


Multitalented ambitious lady, Bosaina is an Egyptian singer, songwriter, producer, art curator, actress and model. Bosaina is known for being the lead vocalist for number of bands in the ‘Kairo is koming collective’ as well as Wetrobots, Zuli and Quit together. In 2014, She decide to start her solo project and participate in Redbull Music Academy in Tokyo. As interesting as it sounds, Bosaina has started in Touchstone Pictures’ first Disney movie in the Middle East, The United. As a producer and solo performer, Bosaina has released her first Jazz-influenced EP entitled ‘NY, Apr-Jul 2013’ then she decided to stay in New York City to develop her debut EP at Production School Dubspot. Bosaina is also known for touring, she has performed in the SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas as well as performing in so many gigs in Egypt, Lebanon, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Japan.

Age: 4

Music Genre: Electronic Music

Nationality: Egyptian

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