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Aguizi & Fahim

Get the chance to know more about the incredibly talented Duo, Youssef El-Aguizi and Yehia Fahim known as Aguizi & Fahim. Aguizi & Fahim is an Egyptian house Duo from Cairo that have taken over the dance scene since 2013. The Duo has learned more about the passion that goes into making their music, what it means to them and how they connect with their fans as they are super dedicated and helpful fan base. However, Aguizi & Fahim’s style has been infused by a number of sub-genres including progressive house and deep house. They have two labels: Detox Recordings US and Golden Wings Music, also they released 3 Albums already which are 4ever (2013), Echoes From The Past (2015), Sistrum (2016$.

Age: 5

Music Genre: Electronic Music

Nationality: Egyptian

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