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Cocoon BAND

Founded in Cairo in 2007 by the international pianist, Hesham Galal. Cocoon Band is all about exploring and going deep into the Latin music and mixing it with traditional Egyptian unique music as it was originally a collaboration between French, Lebanese, Egyptian and American artists. To ensure unique identity and sound, in 2009, Hesham decided to add more wind instruments with more collaboration of Russian, Bulgarian, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian and Cuban artists. Now the band consists of 8 members: Hesham Galal (Founder and Pianist), Diaa Badri (Percussionist), Andre Segone (Bassist), Shams Salem (percussionist), Dimitar Mitko Dimitrov (Trumpet), Amr El Zonfoly ( Saxophonist and flutist), Mohamed Gamal (Trombone) and Mina Nashaat (Saxophonist). Cocoon Band has been performing in numerous Jazz festivals including the opening of Cairo Jazz Festival 2011. You can catch Cocoon Band performing in Cairo Jazz Club and many other top notch places in Cairo.

Age: 4

Music Genre: salsa & latin jazz

Nationality: Egyptian

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