On the record


This one surely will take you back to the 25 Jan Revolution, as its members were one of the beautiful musicians who had been singing and chanting in the most important sit-ins of the Occupy Cabinet. The members would gather around in the sit-ins and sing old songs of Sheikh Sayed Darwish, Sheikh Imam, Sheikh Zakariyya Ahmad and others, later on they decided to form the band. Bahiyya Band mainly performs contemporary songs that discuss social and political issues and matters with their activist spirits. The band consists of 9 members: Omar Ayyat (oud and vocal), Omar Khater (vocal), Ahmed Abdelwahab (violin), Sherif Essam (Guitar), Ziad Hisham ( Bass guitar), Magued Nagati (Drums), Omar Samy (percussionist), Tag (percussionist) and Abdelghany (oud and guitar). Bahiyya has dedicated fans of its unique oriental and revolutionary songs as the songs are driven by great passion and cause.

Age: 5

Music Genre: Oriental and revolutionary songs

Nationality: Egyptian

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