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El Dor El Awal

One of the first bands in Egypt which has its own original music and oriental Jazz identity, El Dor El Awal is a band that’s so unusual in its formation and tunes. El Dor El Awal has established with a jam between Ahmed Omar and Mohammed Samy who created a few tunes then decide to form a band which would play its original oriental Jazz music. The band is also known for its perfect, unusual fusion of the jazzy tunes and Egyptian oriental beats which resulted in a totally unique and amazing melodies that made El Dor El Awal stand out among the Jazz music scene in Egypt. The band consists of 5 members: Ahmed Omar (Electric Bass), Mohammed Samy (Violin), Bob (kajun, Djembe, Various percussions), Fady Badr (Qanun, Keyboard), Mizo (Konga, Doff, Tabla, various percussions), Nour Ashour (saxophone, Mizmar, Didjeridoo) and 3 guest members: Mesheal (clarinets), Wael Al Naggar (accordion) and Raphael (Tamborino).

Age: 4

Music Genre: Oriental Jazz

Nationality: Egyptian

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