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The Riff Band

Get to know more about this interesting band, The Riff Band is a local Jazz band with international brass section based in Cairo, Egypt and founded in 2002. The band consists of 7 members: Ahmed Harfoush (Director/vocals), Amr Yehia (vocals), Ashraf Rezk (piano), Samir George (Bass), Amr Khairy (drums), Michael Louis (trombone) and Mitko Dimitrov (trumpet). The band’s repertoire is known for being a fusion of the 40’s and 50’s pop and jazz tunes altogether. As the Riff Band is known for being elegant and smooth as they’re also popular for being the most entertaining and fun to watch. The Riff Band is one of the few bands that make Jazz music fun and receptive to almost everyone as they know how to merge commercial music with it and combine fun elements that will totally add to their performance like they’ve added Egyptian lyrics to the Frank Sinatra classic ‘Something Stupid’. The band’s performances has always been one of a kind as most of the time they provide costumes and themed-parties to let the audience complement the big bands vibes, also, the band has participated in the Cairo Jazz Festival 2011 and has participated in so many tribute concerts of legends such as Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Cole Porter and George Gershwin. The Riff Band is not only performing covers but also they have some amazing originals, in addition to, making covers of old Egyptian and Latin hits.

Age: 4

Music Genre: jazz

Nationality: Egyptian

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