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Who Killed Bruce Lee

As intimidating as it sounds, Who Killed Bruce Lee is an alternative rock Lebanese band based in Germany. The band has great influence and crowd all over the globe, they’ve also been invite to start recording at Redbull Studios in Paris. The band consists of 4 lebanese men: Wassim Bou Malham (Guitar/Vocal), Hassib Dergham (Keyboard/vocal), Malek Rizkalla (drums/ vocal) and Pascal Sarkis (Bass/ vocal) Who killed Bruce Lee has released 2 EPS, first EP is 5 tracks Self titled ‘Who Killed Bruce Lee’ has been released in 2012. The second and last EP is 11 tracks entitled ‘Distant Rendezvous’ has been released in 2016. Moreover, the band has released a few singles as well. Who Killed Bruce Lee is one of the very few bands that’s very interesting to check, so if you’re into Rock Music make sure to check these guys.

Age: 1

Music Genre: Rock, Desert Rock, Electro-punk, Dance Rock, Indie

Nationality: Beirut, Lebanon

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