On the record

Hazem Beltagui

Known as the curator of Melotrance Sound, Medlodic electronic music, Hazem Beltagui is an Egyptian Dj and producer who fought his way to originality and has proven that he shouldn’t fit in any style when he can actually create one that suits only him. His unique style led him to perform in so many countries abroad such as Argentina, Spain, UK and Indonesia. Beltagui has decided to start off his musical journey in 2009, to become a world-renowned DJ and producer. He was so inspired by Tiesto’s Elements of life that led him wanting to learn more about producing electronic music that later on, he released his first tracks in 2011. When Beltagui released “We Are” in 2013, he was supported by Armin Van Buuren who actually featured the track in his ASOT 2013 compilation. As Beltagui appeared on the staged of ASOT Festival and FSOE events, he has drawn a formidable number of fans worldwide that he finally labeled his fresh and original Mix genre as “Melotrance” Hazem Beltagui takes the electronic music and his genre the “Melotrance” not only as a musical entertainment, but also a lifestyle and true inspirational process.

Age: 5

Music Genre: Trance and progressive

Nationality: Egyptian

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