On the record


One of the best unique entertainment individuals in the music scene, Marsellio has fought his way to his success and individuality by adding technology and new techniques to keep the crowd impressed. Marsellio respectably started playing the violin at age 9 back in 2004, he used to practice hard everyday on his own then started to perform with several bands till he realized his real passion for the violin. Since Marsellio took his passion seriously, he joined the Ministry of Youth Orchestra in 2011. Later on, he discovered that his true passion is to be a solo artist then he started playing in nightclubs, concerts and festivals right next to big and international names. Marsellio added new features to his performances such as LED Lights and Laser Beams which made him stand out among the other artists in the Egyptian Music Scene. Also, by playing the violin along with house and upbeat commercial music makes Marsellio one of a kind artist. Meanwhile, he performs the typical romantic songs with his violin as well but at weddings or corporate events.

Age: 5

Music Genre: Violionist

Nationality: Egyptian

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