On the record

Lyon Avakian

Gained more than 20 years of experience in the entertainment field, Lyon Avakian is the most reputed ‘A Class’ DJ and producer in Egypt. Lyon is an Armenian DJ who’s born and based in Cairo, Egypt. His rapid success in the music scene gave him unrivaled position among other DJs as well as being favored and specialized by Electronic Music crowd for playing oldies with its remixes and house music or as Lyon like to label it “Happy House Music”. Lyon shares the stage with big international names such as: Edward Maya, Ravin, Dejavu, Sam Popat and John Kelly, also he has held the DJ Residency in the most Elite Night venues such as: 6 degrees, Latex, Cheers, Buddha Bar (Cairo), Tamarai, Nox, Nineteen Twenty five and many more!

Age: 4

Music Genre: Good Music

Nationality: Egyptian

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